Don't look back, you're not going that way...How do you feel about having to act that way in that reality?

Growing up I had to learn how to pick my life up and move to a different place at the drop of a pin. This was the curse of being an army brat, but like my Ancestors, the Acadians or better known now as the Cajun people, I learned to put down my roots no matter where I was and to rely on my family. My ancestors were driven out of their homes for not being accepted, and instead of letting that keep them down they accepted their loss, and moved to a new place. The Cajun people have now lived in Louisiana since 1765 and now have generations of strong-willed and proud members to add to their line. This example of strength motivated me growing up to realize that even though life isn’t always fair, it often has a funny way of making sense of things down the road. So like my ancestors, I may not have appreciated having to pack up and move my life, but I do appreciate where I am now, and am happy to act that way in my reality.