10537073_10105594557498741_1943776722196619402_nI was two and my favorite story was, “Beauty and the Beast.” I would grab the book and crawl up on my mom’s lap in her rocking char and say, “Please?” as I was taught to. I must have made my mom read it to me over and over again countless times in a row for weeks or, maybe even, months on end. One day I surprised my mom by reciting the words of the book out loud, without her saying anything, but just by merely turning the page for me. To say my mom was stunned was an understatement! She got so excited and said to me, “Elizabeth, how would you like to show Lindsay and Jamie (my older siblings) that you can read?” I just handed her the book and said, “Please?” My mom quickly took me into the living room where my sister and brother were hanging out and she sat me down in her lap. “Lindsay and Jamie, look what Elizabeth can do! She can read!” my mom said. Neither my brother or sister believed that I could read, as I was only two years old, so they both argued and said that there was no way that I could read. However, in my house you don’t argue with my mother once she says that we are going to do something. After a lot of grumbling we finally settled down and my mom parked me on her lap. She opened Beauty and the Beast and I started to “read.” My siblings were mesmerized, they had no idea that I had just memorized it from the amount of times that I had heard the story. They came over and started to excitedly tell me how proud they were of me and then they asked my mom if I could read another book. My mom started to reply, but just like every other time, I had grabbed the book and shoved it into my mom’s hands and said, “Please?”