What was the experience during the composition (describe your learning process)?

My experience during the process of this composition was one of the easiest parts, and I really enjoyed working on it. Being someone who loves writing, it was very easy for me to write this and to be very concise with my feigns. I was able to work within the platform of expectations that were given to me in the requirements of this project.

After I started to delve into this project it was easier for me to connect more and more with the real undertones of who I am and how to easily use the memories that make me smile and have helped me grow in my life. It was in this project that I really understood why Beauty and the Beast meant so much more to me than just a favorite Princess. Once I made this connection it was easy to go from there.

The Family section was the most fun and creative area of this project. I was able to show my love for my families and the memories that we have shared in the past. I really enjoyed the challenging measures of talking to my family and clarifying details that have been changed over time in my head. It brought up laughter, thoughtfulness and love to each one of us.