The package was brown with lots of stamps that stretched from North Carolina, United States to Cameroon, Africa. It was addressed to Lindsay, Jamie and Elizabeth Cobb and we were all so anxious to tear it open to see what was held inside it. It was from my Grandma and Grandpa in North Carolina and their stream of presents always held the hope of a new Disney VHS tape. My sister told my brother Jamie that it was my turn to open because they had opened the last two and so I hastily got to work tearing the brown paper. The movie was Aladdin! We had heard about it from our family back in the states over the phone and from some of the other kids that had already received the movie from some of their family back home. We were so excited to open the VHS box up and watch it! My mom interrupted us and said that first we had to wait until all of my brother and sister’s homework was done first. I was itching to watch the movie, it was finally in my grasp and now I had to wait? I waited patiently for them to finish with their homework, and by patiently I mean that I kept going and asking them if they were done yet. At least two hundred times in a matter of minutes. Finally, Lindsay and Jamie finished up with their homework and we went into the living room to start our movie. When the credits came on my mom and dad sat down with us to watch the movie and I couldn’t control the excitement that I felt when the music started. The opening song started and I sat fascinated watching the colors play on the screen and the words that spilled from it.