Alone in a crowd

As Belle enters into town to go to the bookstore there are a chorus of greetings that great her every step. People poke their heads out of windows and doors as she passes by to send out a welcoming, “Bonjour!” However, Belle’s boredom is still evident in the way that she sings about how it is the same every day in this “poor provincial town.” The first ray of excitement that appears on Belle’s face is when the baker addresses her as more than just Bonjour! Belle quickly walks over to begin speaking to him. When the baker prompts her with, “Where are you off to today?” Belle takes that as a sign that he is interested in an actual conversation with her. She quickly starts to tell him about how she is off to the book shop, because she just finished the most wonderful story! As she starts to tell him about the beanstalk and the ogre of her story—he cuts her off and then returns to his morning activity of getting the bread out. This is obviously both disappointing and unsurprising to Belle as she quickly shrugs this dismissal off with a flourish of her hands and moves quickly throughout the rest of the town. As she is passing through the rest of town there are more and more townspeople who seem to pop out of the wood work when Belle passes. The ever following presence of isolation continues to follow Belle throughout the town and is made more apparent by the two gossiping women who make the observation that she is strange simply because she is always distracted. It always circles back to how beautiful Belle is and how it is a shame that she is just so strange. This continues when more and more townspeople are interacting with each other and avoiding contact with Belle.