tumblr_mvqbk2A1zB1rnvzfwo1_500All of the seclusion that Belle felt in the town leads us to the one place that Belle feels truly comfortable, the town’s humble library. There she says hello to her one and only friend in town, the sweet good-natured librarian who also shares Belle’s enthusiasm for literature. After the morning greetings and finding out that Belle has come to return her book that she borrowed the day before. The librarian says, “Finished already?” And Belle follows after with an exuberant, “Oh I couldn’t put it down, have you got anything new?” My favorite part of this whole scene starts when the librarian laughs and replies good naturedly, that he doesn’t have anything new since she was in the day before! Belle, who was already well aware of this, has been searching for another book on the shelf and pulls out her favorite book and proclaims that she will borrow that one. The librarian who knows all too well that she has read that twice before proclaims this only to be told, “Well its my favorite! Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells and a prince in disguise!” The librarian then tells Belle that if she loves it so much that she may have it! Belle can’t seem to believe what he is saying and tries to refuse only to have the librarian steadfast on his decision that she should keep the book. If you like it all that much it’s yours! But sir! I insist! Well thank you, thank you very much!! Belle then takes the book and hugs it to her chest like it is her prize possession, a book that she has already read twice before. However, the kindness of one person in town is enough to make her fly into her favorite world. She dives into the world of her book as she walks through the rest of town.